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Elio de Miranda


Originally trained as a violinist I started making bows in 2003

at bowmaker Andreas Grutter's Monday-night Course , around the corner 


One of my earliest memories is making a small bow I needed for my musical saw

This still is the philosophy I work from, but now it is my clients who need a certain bow

and I have learned to listen to them...


Baroque Bows.......

Inspired bij the SAM 712, often from local materials, mainly alpine larch, but also from found old wooden planks. The SAM 712 was discovered in an organ case near Vienna, unopened since the 17th century.


Classical bows

Modern bows

way of working

Starting from the wood and inspired by original or other examples I make an effort to create a distinct character or manner of response that players can rely on .In the final stage, a lot of testing and adjusting ...



Tel -(0031)   (0)644294245

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